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Just had to tell you how delicious the FISH TACOS were!  Absolutely FABULOUS!  Both my husband and 14yr. old son made "Yummy" noises with every bite they took. Great portioning, packaging, convenience and above all else- TASTE.

Wendy N.

We LOVE LOVE LOVE the 3 dishes we've cooked so far---the pulled pork, the pretzel chicken and the mahi-mahi. They've been like manna from heaven and have brought great joy to our home.

Morgaine B.

I am so happy!!! Your food is fantastic. I just had the shrimp and actually licked the plate clean...and you can quote me on that! The chicken marbella and Asian orange chicken are also a huge hit.

Sheira M.

We were wowed.  First off, the preparation couldn’t have been easier.  All the meal components come packaged in a small box that fits easily into your freezer (or fridge, if you’re going to cook the meal within a day).

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